Carbon Intensity Forecast

We partnered with National Grid and WWF to create a Carbon Intensity API, which provides an indication of real-time carbon emissions from the electricity grid in Great Britain, together with a 48 hour forecast.

Energy Sector Transitions

Charge it up when power is greenest

The information below tells you when's best to turn on the washing machine, dishwasher or charge an electric car, empowering citizens to use power when it's cleanest and help tackle the sources of pollution that continue to put our climate and health at risk.

Our simple widget indicates when the grid is greenest, but the open access tool can be used by any third party to develop innovative tools for businesses and consumers.

Carbon Intensity API

How clean is Great Britain's power generation?

Environmental Defense Fund Europe, National Grid, University of Oxford Department of Computer Science and WWF have joined forces to provide the world's first Carbon Intensity forecast with a regional breakdown.

The current generation mix and carbon intensity are broken down by region, visible live, and, through machine learning and modelling systems, forecast 48 hours in advance. 

Tomasz Frankowski