Breanna Lujan full

Breanna Lujan

Project Manager - Forest and Climate Policy

As the Project Manager for Forest and Climate Policy, Breanna is one of the team’s technical experts on the implementation of jurisdictional-scale, deforestation-free supply chains, the integration of robust land sector targets in the UNFCCC post-2020 framework agreement, and the analysis of REDD+ policy issues. Through her research and policy analysis, Breanna develops recommendations for and provides insight about these issues. While her work is primarily based in Brazil, she also focuses on issues at an international level.

Prior to joining the EDF team, Breanna conducted research on the environmental impacts of a mining development project on the Mata Atlântica ecosystem in Bahia, Brazil. She earned her Master of Environmental Management degree from The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and her B.A. in Environmental Studies from Yale University.