Fourth Wave of Environmentalism

The new face of environmentalism is you

Tomasz Frankowski

The Fourth Wave Environmental Innovation builds on the previous waves, supercharging our ability to use legal and market forces to overcome climate challenges.

Environmental progress doesn’t just happen.

It has been propelled by successive waves of activity informed by innovation, each adding to the last. The tools available to protect our natural world and our well-being have grown from creating protected wildlife areas and natural reserves, to using science and legal analysis to win in the courts, to harnessing economic analysis and market based solutions.

Building on what came before

Today, we are witnessing a Fourth Wave of environmental innovation driven by new powerful and accessible digital technologies that provide new insights and empower us to tackle the most urgent environmental challenges.

// First Wave environmental innovation protects our lands

// Second Wave environmental innovation uses the law to protect people and nature  

// Third Wave environmental innovation harnesses business and markets

// Fourth Wave environmental innovation empowers everyone

Fourth Wave Environmentalism

The new face of environmentalism is you

We are committed to embracing the flexible, networked methods of a global digital era to build partnerships and devise policies that solve today’s complex problems. Cooperative action between companies, citizens and civil society will be the glue that links Fourth Wave tools to the progress we so urgently need.